Japanese Society for Cutaneous Immunology and Allergy

Greeting from the President

Yoshiki Tokura,
President of JSCIA
Hamamatsu University School
of Medicine

I assumed the office of President of the Japanese Society for Cutaneous Immunology and Allergy (JSCIA) in December, 2017. My term will be the next two years. From 2013, I served as the Vice President of the society under Professor Ichiro Katayama, the former President.

During the establishment of the JSCIA, there have been several mergers. The biggest amalgamation was performed in 2007 between the Japanese Society for Dermatoallergology (established in 1991 from the former study group initiated in 1972) and the Japanese Society for Contact Dermatitis (established in 1989 from the former study group initiated in 1976), and then, the Japanese Society for Dermatoallergology and Contact Dermatitis was launched. In 2017, Cutaneous Vasculopathy and Collagen Disease Scientific Group was further merged into the society to establish the JSCIA.

Considering its establishment process, the JSCIA has a 45-year-old history from the beginning, and many dermatologists and researchers enthusiastic to cutaneous allergy have contributed to the amalgamation. I believe that the success of this combination will lead to firm establishment of the status of the JSCIA by extending the clinical and research fields of the society.

My tasks are to further improve the status and research level of the JSCIA. More specifically, I have three goals: 1) bolstering eight prioritizing scientific divisions, 2) launching an international official journal, and 3) ethical consideration upon meeting presentation.

Regarding the first goal, we have endeavored to establish the eight prioritizing scientific divisions, including contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, urticarial/mast cell, drug eruption, food allergy, occupational allergy, collagen disease/rheumatism, and basic research. Each branch committee plans to participate in the programing of the annual meeting and to hold annual seminars especially for young doctors. The scientific division groups also provide information on new drugs and guidelines and deal with emergency events evoked by drugs and chemicals.

With respect to the second goal, I would like to provide you important information on a new journal. We take the coalescing opportunity for our official journal to be an English international journal from the present Japanese one. The name of the new journal is "Journal of Cutaneous Immunology and Allergy (JCIA)". In the meanwhile, we will continue the Japanese journal by publishing it twice a year. The JCIA is an online open access journal (https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/jcia), and the members of JSCIA take an advantage to publish their articles with a discount fee. For discounting, authors need their membership ID number. If you forget it, the JCIA Office (jcia@hama-med.ac.jp) would inform you of it. We will launch the JCIA in March, 2018, and bimonthly publication is planned. I, as the Editor-in-Chief of JSCIA, would like you to submit Review Article, Regular Article, and Letter-to-the-Editor Articles (including Case Report) to the JCIA. With the esteemed oversea JCIA Board Members, we aim at acquisition of Impact Factor preferably within a couple of years. Your collaboration is essential for the success of the JCIA.

The third goal is related to the presentation in the JSCIA annual meetings. We place first priority on the improvement of our clinical and research capabilities. To this end, our society should keep ethics codes. We will give opportunities for the members to learn the ethical law and code mostly at our annual meetings. Case report, retrospective observational study, and prospective study should be clarified. In particular, authors should be careful about invasiveness, use of unapproved or non-applicable drug or medical equipment, and sponsorship by companies because the new law will be effective in April, 2018.

I hope these goals will be a breakthrough in the JSCIA. I will be pleased if you would lend us your generous assistance for the achievement.



  • Tokura, Yoshiki


  • Adachi, Atsuko
  • Aihara, Michiko
  • Akiyama, Masashi
  • Asada, Hideo
  • Asai, Toshiya
  • Hasegawa, Minoru
  • Hide, Michihiro
  • Kabashima, Kenji
  • Kataoka, Yoko
  • Kato, Norito
  • Morita, Eishin
  • Murota, Hiroyuki
  • Sano, Shigetoshi
  • Sato, Takahiro
  • Takehara, Kazuhiko
  • Tsuruta, Daisuke
  • Yagami, Akiko
  • Yokozeki, Hiroo


  • Harada, Susumu
  • Shimizu, Tadamichi
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